A Melody in the Haunted is a film with unique kind of screenplay that places real footage found on a handycam side by side with scenes shot in movie format.

A film is made based on this event and with the handy came footage mentioned above. The film has a unique way of story tellng where the handycam footage and the scenes shot with the actors come side by side as per the story flow.

In the year 2002, Rajiv Kanakala from Hyderabad gave send-off to his close friend Ashok Verma and his family (wife & a 8 year old son) who were then relocating to Goa. After 3 days he got a call that Ashok and his whole family died. The deaths were violent and moreover happened on the very first day they moved into a new home in Goa.

Deeply disturbed Rajiv went to Goa and found some tapes which were shot by the family on a handy-cam before they died. The contents of the tapes were shocking and contained some super-natural and paranormal occurrences.

As a person who never believed in ghosts and spirits he could not believe that the house had a spirit and it was haunted so he started his research by taking interviews of neighbors and talking to some experts.

Confirming that the house was actually haunted and the tapes were legitimate he decided to make a movie based on the tapes to spread the truth and awareness about existence of ghosts.

The story of the movie will start from the moment Ashok & his family enters the house in the morning and end with their deaths in the night. Real footage comes in the middle as per the story flow and the scenes/shots before & after that are enacted by actors to make the story flow in logical direction.

Ashok Verma
Died : 03/08/2002
Aged : 35
Aarthi Verma
Died : 03/08/2002
Aged : 33
Sonu Verma
Died : 03/08/2002
Aged : 8 yrs