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img Portion for intermediate 2nd year for October 3rd is,
img Maths 2A: Matrices, Quadratic Equations, Theory of Equations, Partial Fraction.
img Maths 2B: Entire geometry.
img Chemistry: Solutions, Solid state.
img Physics: Sound, Optics.
img Accounts: Depreciation.
img Economics: economic growth and economic development.
img Commerce: function of stock exchange.
img Portion for intermediate 1st year for October 1st is,
img Maths 1A: Functions, M.I., Properties of Triangles.
img Maths 1B: Locus, Transformation of Axis, Straight Lines.
img Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Periodic Table.
img Physics: Units & Dimensions, Vectors, Kinematics.
img Accounts : Introduction, journal entries, ledger accounts & all kinds of books, triple column cash book.
img Commerce: Concept of Business.
img Economics: Introduction, Economic Goods and Free Goods.
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img 1) Intermediate 1st year exams are scheduled from 1st October 2010 onwards.
img Intermediate 2nd year exams are scheduled from 3rd of October 2010 onwards.
img ONLINE exams for EAMCET, AIEEE, BITSAT, VIT, IIT, KCET are going to commence from 10th October 2010.
img Multiple choice exam for class 10th CBSE to commence from 10th October 2010.
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